Issue with Combining 2 Gifs in Gimp

So I am trying to combine 2 gifs in gimp but my issue is that when editing and exporting both gifs separately they are fine, but when I try to be put them together and exported as 1 then It has issues like the 2nd gif loses it’s original colors and there’s green dots everywhere and the color distorts.

Gif 1

Gif 1:

Gif 2:



The problem is that each of the original elements had its own palette.
On the combined GIF, the second clip is using the palette of the first one.

One option is to convert the files to 24 bits and reconvert it down to an indexed palette, taking now into account all the colors of the sequence. You will have fewer colors because some of the colors will not be used on one part of the animation and some other will. But that is the nature of the GIF format.

Source : Link , Question Author : XSW , Answer Author : Rafael

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