Joining shapes in Affinity Designer

I am teaching myself the very basics of design using Affinity Designer – and I haven’t been able to figure out how to create a single shape from multiple vectors.

For instance, if I am creating a basic outline of a car and need to start and stop lines – when I use the join lines tool it doesn’t join two unrelated lines together – rather it completes the “circle” (path) of one line only.

If I use the join shapes tool it completes all the unconnected lines, and fills in those spaces too – so I lose the shape I am after.

AD’s help index is not very helpful to someone with my near non-existent skills – so I’d be thrilled if someone on this forum can help.


You can indeed join two separate nodes from unrelated vector lines.

Do this by :

  1. Select both lines using the Move Tool.
  2. Using the Node Tool select both end nodes you want to join (hold down Shift to select them both).
  3. Choose ‘Join Curves’ from the Action section of the Node context toolbar.

Source : Link , Question Author : Amanda , Answer Author : Community

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