jpeg colours not displaying correctly in Chrome, FF and Safari

We seem to be experiencing issues with some of our jpeg product images displaying colours differently across different browsers. (When wrong, they look as if their hues have been shifted and vibrancy has been turned up)

IE11 looks to be showing the correct colours we’d expect, but FF, Chrome and in some instances Safari (iPhone5s and iPad2) are showing the weird versions of our colours?

NOTE: Left image is Internet Explorer 11 – Right image is Google Chrome 49.0.2623.110 m (But also FF + Safari on iPad + iPhone shows similar colours as this)

Image on left is IE11, image right is Chrome 49.0.2623.110 m


Your *.jpg file has most probably a CMYK (print) colour profile embedded. Lots of browsers will then distort the colours. Try and re-save the files with an RGB profile and you’ll be right as rain.

Source : Link , Question Author : bbacarat , Answer Author : Vincent

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