Justification and hyphenation without proper time and tools?

In my computer science studies we are being forced to write a report every now and then. I have a background in web development and have worked closely with both print and web designers for many years so I know the importance of setting type and communicating messages in either good or bad ways.

When we hand in our reports to teachers and professors they usually want the text to be justified with “single line-height”. They do not mention anything about the lengths of each line and how many characters it should contain. This means that all the students hand in 120 chars per line in 12pt Times New Roman with 14pt leading, justified. Of course these reports are unreadable for several reasons, the length of the lines and the rivers (seas more like it) of whitespace floating around in the text are just a few.

Since I have a background working with designers and I love nice typography I refuse to hand in a report looking like that. A problem that I have though is that I do not own a copy of InDesign, nor do I have the time to kern, change and space out characters and words if I would own a copy.

I could of course, use Google Drive’s or Word’s “justify” feature and use 60-70 chars at each line but to me it still doesn’t feel right when looking at all the whitespace in the body of text. Since I’ve been doing a lot of web development I’ve also learned to avoid the CSS attribute that handles justification of text.

Until now I have simply used Google Drive with line length at 70-80 chars with 11pt Cambria as body with 14pt leading. My headers are in 14pt and 18pt Droid Sans with 16pt and 22pt leading. I’ve kept my text left aligned and tried to get rid of the worst jaggedness on the right side using hyphenation and I’ve been pretty happy with it. I’ve started reading more about justified text though to be able to defend my type setting choices against the evil computer science professors.

I’ve read through some other posts and as always it “depends” on which type of text you have and how much time you have:

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  • What would be your professional advice on making this text be as
    readable as possible without having to spend $$$ on InDesign?
  • Justify in word/drive or keep it left aligned as is?
  • What are your thoughts on the general problem of justification and hyphenation of
    there is not enough time nor tools available?



Switch to LaTeX. It offers:

  • High quality typography without knowing much about the “behind-the-scenes” on how does it work.

  • Text is of course justified by default, that is how it should be, it is as well properly hyphenated to avoid long spaces.

  • Packages (extensions) for various things, including for instance listings text files (such as source codes), page layout modification etc.

  • Top-level system for typesetting mathematics (which is useful in CS). I know about couple other systems capable of it, but I don’t think they are on this level.

  • And most importantly: It is free!

For more information, go to the TeX.SX site: What is the best book to start learning LaTeX?

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