Keyboard not working in some apps in Catailna 10.15.7 while working in others

The recent Catalina Update 10.15.7 on my Mac Mini 2018 has caused a lot of frustration. First, the now famous accountsd eating my CPU. Now I have a different annoying problem. Often, while typing in an app the keyboard (Apple Magic Keyboard) stops working in that app only. If I close the app and restart, it works again. It has so far affected the following apps

  • VS Code
  • Spotlight search
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Finder

When the keyboard stops working e.g. in VS Code, I can still use it in Chrome and all other apps. Its so frustrating since it happens about every 5 minutes while coding. It even happened to Chrome while typing this question.

One interesting observation is that when it happens to an app, I can still move the cursor with arrows, as well as copy text. But I cannot change the text, as in, writing.


The only solution I found was to create an alternative user account on my mac. I am using that account now, and the problem does not exist there.

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