Labeling river of a map in Illustrator

I’m wrapping my map up in Illustrator. I want to create a line that has the same geometry of my river and I want to label it: “Klamath River”.
The thing is, I don’t want to label it once, I want to create a pre-defined interval between those labels to cover the whole extension of the river.
Is there a way to do it dynamically, instead of inserting spaces?


Use a Pattern Brush.

Type your label and Convert to Outlines (brushes can’t contain type). Drag your outlined type to the Brushes panel and choose Pattern Brush from the New Brush dialog.

Create a new Pattern Brush

The text itself isn’t editable (creating a new brush is quick enough though) but you can easily change the size, spacing etc. at any time by double clicking the brush in the Brushes panel and updating the brush options:

Pattern Brush Options

Using the Appearance panel you can add multiple strokes so you can apply your brush to your existing river path without needing to duplicate the paths. Just make sure your label stroke is on top of any others:

Appearance panel multiple strokes

Source : Link , Question Author : Matt_Geo , Answer Author : Community

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