Laptop screen for digital design

I am searching for a laptop with a screen that is suitable for digital design purposes

What I am particularly concerned about is a statement made by a poster (on here):

(the objective is to) make images in any color space show up correctly in the device’s inherent, native color space

How can this be accomplished?
Which laptop screens on the market are most suitable for this end?

Fast response time

viewing angles (should be good enough – not severe color distortion due to slight tilting)


As it is not being utilized for print design, or even for professional level design – is sRGB color space suitable (good enough)?

Which laptop screens might you recommend?


No will can claim that the MacBook Pro’s new retina display is not a step ahead of the rest of the industry. Its also insanely expensive.

Most of the pros in graphics use either a gigantic display, or two or three 23″ inches for serious work. This may be connected to a laptop, but using the laptop display is just for non-hard-core work.

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