Large format pdf – can’t save?

So I am building a 10′ x 2′ 300dpi sign for my buddies restaurant. I have never prepared anything that large for print (I’m mostly a web developer). I have my freaking huge psd, 120in by 24in, 300dpi, it wants to save as a .psb. Once that occurs, I no longer have the option to save or export as pdf from photoshop, only .tif and one other format.

Would someone mind educating me? I have not been able to find the correct answer after a couple hours of googling.


I’m a printer. While I’d prefer this created in a vector program like Illustrator or InDesign, where resolution isn’t an issue unless transparency effects or raster images are also used… Photoshop is fine.

I’ve done photo billboards before in photoshop. You should lower your resolution. Two things to keep in mind:
1) The distance from which the sign will be seen, the farther the distance the lower resolution required. 2) Many vector objects (shapes and text) if no FX layers are applied will be saved as vector layers in a resulting Photoshop PDF. The space required for those layers is much less than raster layers.

If you are designing at 100%, 120 ppi should be fine. If you’re worried about it print a clipping of it on a home printer at 100%.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mike , Answer Author : Kevin Scharnhorst

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