Laser cutting vector image – bitmap created two lines when I need one on border of counties

I’m working on a custom design of the outline of some counties in kentucky and it’s engraving each county with individual borders instead of as a single line. I know I could manually trace between the counties, but that’s going to be a day of work. After creating a trace bitmap in inkscape, it appears to be one line, but after converting to a plt and opening in lasercut 5.3 table, the lines are separated.

Does anyone know how I could merge the two lines into one instead of two separate borders with just a click of a button?

I’m using inkscape, illustrator, and lasercut 5.3 table.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


If each line is truly on top of each other and not overlapping at all, you should be able to select them all in Illustrator then in the menu bar go Object> Compound Path> Make (⌘+8 or CMD+8).

Hopefully this will transfer the shape over to be read as a single shape in lasercut.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bill , Answer Author : Tyler A

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