Layer blending settings that turns greyscale value into transparency (subtracting lower layers)

I have a photoshop file with many layers.
I would like to put one layer on top where I can draw transparency, so that full white (or black) is rendered as 100% alpha, so it subtracts all the layers underneath.
Is there a combination of blending modes, opacity settings, mask settings that can achieve this result?


What you’ll need to do is place all of your layers into a single layer group.

From there you can add a layer mask to the actual layer group or you can place a clipping mask on the layer group.

To add the layer mask simply click the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layer panel.

The clipping mask is a layer that is placed above the layer group and is converted to a clipping mask by right-clicking it and selecting Create Clipping Mask

Source : Link , Question Author : ted.strauss , Answer Author : Hanna

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