Learning WordPress for designers does a framework help?

I ask this question because it is in relation to Scott’s thread here. I understand we have a WordPress stack exchange but I wanted to know before I dive into WordPress how designers have approached learning. Did you find it easier or beneficial to just dive into traditional themeing or did a pre-existing framework help? I’ve debated frameworks and I have spent months researching possible issues because I would like to implement Woo and BuddyPress in my CMS but I’d hate to dive into a framework and realize that it isn’t compatible with what I need to do. What experiences have you had and is gantry a possible solid solution?


I have built a WordPress theme from scratch only once, it wasn’t fun. There weren’t a whole lot of resources out there for themeing from the ground up; most guides I came across were for an older version of WordPress and already obsolete. Unless you are already familiar with the WP architecture, diving right in and trying to build your own template from absolutely nothing can be overwhelming.

I really did not want to just modify a pre-existing template to hack together the design I was aiming for. I eventually found a useful resource, the BlankSlate template:

The bare essentials of a WordPress theme (an HTML5 boilerplate), no
visual CSS styles added. Perfect for those who would like to build
their own theme from scratch or for clients if you’re a developer or
designer. This theme is clean, valid code, semi-minified, no
programmer comments, SEO-friendly and 100% open source. One custom
menu and one widgetized sidebar to get you started.

I wouldn’t really consider this a framework, but if I had to create a WP theme again this is where I would start.

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