Legally use UI design of iOS platform as website design

I’m creating a web page which has an inherent link to smart phones, and therefore I would like to mimic the design of the iOS and/or Android platform in the website.

  • In the case of the iOS platform, this means that all website content appears as it would appear on an iPhone or iPad. It has the blue title bar, the gray header which indicates signal strength and battery (of course, the battery indicator does not make much sense on the website).
  • In the case of the Android platform, this means that the buttons appear in the same gray/green design as on any Android device.

I’m not yet sure about the details, but I hope you get the direction I want to take.

My question is: Am I infringing some copyright? Specifically, does Apple object to websites which are using parts of the iOS UI design? I mean, the web site’s purpose and content is strongly linked to iPhones and such.


Legally, yes, you are copying protected IP. In this case, it’d likely be a form of ‘trade dress’ or, possibly patent infringement.

Would Apple or Google sue? Likely not. Your use could even be argued as fair use (though whether you have the financial ability to argue it in court is another issue).

Context is everything, of course.

All that said, I’d rethink this from a UX perspective. What are you gaining by ‘faking’ the UI in a web site? I imagine this could be more confusing for users.

Source : Link , Question Author : cheesus , Answer Author : DA01

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