Limit wacom tablet to drawing area?

I’ve recently bought a Wacom tablet and tried using it with Gimp. Everything works fine so far, I’m just tweaking some things here and there to make it more comfortable for myself.

Something I do for example is to use the mouse for everything that doesn’t involve drawing, like selecting brushes or tools, switching tabs, changing layers, etc. For that, I want to limit the Wacom tablet to only use the drawing area instead of the whole monitor, since I’ll be using the mouse to do all other things outside of the drawing area.

Is it possible to limit the Wacom “area” to only the drawing area of Gimp?


You map it in the System Control Panel – globally or per application. The Wacom settings dialog may look different depending on device/operating system.

This is the Mac CP, using a Wacom Intuous

enter image description here

And here’s Windows 10 showing a Wacom Bamboo Touch settings.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : noClue , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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