Limited pixel values in layer effects and styles (Photoshop)

Some layer effects and styles in Photoshop have pixel settings. The problem appears when you want to scale your design. For example, in Bevel and Emboss you are able to set the Size and Soften. The former is limited to 250px and the latter to 16px.

To scale and preserve my design I need to set values greater than the Photoshop limits. Is it possible to do that? Any workaround?

Moving to Illustrator is not a solution, since some Photoshop effects that I’m using are not present in Illustrator.


The only work around is creating the effects yourself.
It may seem daunting at first. But in reality most effects are just..

  • Duplicating the current layer.
  • Setting a clipping mask of the original to the duplicate.
  • Setting a blur, color, stroke effect on the duplicate.

Different combinations of the last step will achieve different layer effects.

Source : Link , Question Author : anad , Answer Author : Ctrl Alt Design

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