Liquid flow/spill effect from bottle

For an upcoming photoshoot, actors will be holding champagne bottles and pop them (with liquid flying everywhere). Since i’d rather not buy 50 bottles and risk getting the studio plus equipment wet/damaged, i’d rather have them hold empty bottles and have the liquid simulated in post (either using a brush or some technique).

I’ve looked into water brushes/water drops and none really “fit” what i’m looking for. Most of them are designed to simulate if you’re dropping something into water, not having a stream of liquid coming out of an object.

Below is the effect I’m trying to achieve, any guidance/recommended brushes/techniques would be greatly appreciated.

enter image description here


You are a photographer… Photograph that… There are some tutorials on youtube on how people protect the gear and protect the studio.

Yes I am up to the challenge!

  1. Protect your gear. All flashes inside a plastic bag. A pool of plastic sheets inside a frame.

  2. An “outside” studio. Prepare that on the garden shoot at night.

  3. Have fun! Probably it is a great oportunity to get out of your comfort zone.

Ok I want some of the challenge… Sort of…

  1. But do not want to spoil the clothing? Just shoot some real life cheap champagne and merge them in post-pro. One bottle will be enough for some minutes of splashing. Try different soft drinks, inclusive some beer. Dess an actor in the same colour of the background. Green screen technique. Probably black screen actually.

*Seeing theese photos: probably you can get away with mineral water for presure and some soap. Far less stickier.

Less splashing!

  1. Probably photos at lower scale can work. Smaller spaces, no actor involved, just splashes here and there.

No, I do not want to get wet at all!

  1. Use a 3d Rendering and modeling program with fluid simulations. Blender can work, but you will need to work hard on the materials. Work, really hard.

No. I want some simpler

  1. Find some stock photos. Probably all splashes you can find out there are either photos or renders. A few bunch will be2D drawings or paintings, but less likley to fit a real action photo.

I think the 1-3 is more fun.

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