List of RGB quaternary (and beyond) colors?

I’m trying to organize a list of colors for a puzzle game. I can find reliable lists (names and colors values) of the primary, secondary, and tertiary RGB colors – but I can’t find any reliable list beyond this.

Color wheels either leave them out, or pile them in with millions of other colors and no names.

Is there any reliable source for a list of color considered “quaternary” and possibly even colors in layers beyond that?


I used the list of RYB quaternary colours at to fill in some of the gaps between the CMY tertiary colours.

I’ve listed the CMY tertiary colours from that article and indented proposed names for the quaternary colours.

  • Red
    • Crimson (or Russet)
  • Rose
    • Aubergine
  • Magenta
    • Amethyst
  • Violet
    • Indigo
  • Blue
    • (Cerulean)
  • Azure
    • (Celeste)
  • Cyan
    • (Aquamarine)
  • Spring green
    • (Emerald)
  • Green
    • Apple green
  • Chartreuse
    • (Citron)
  • Yellow
    • Amber
  • Orange
    • Vermilion
  • Red

I got these names by translating the CMY colour names into RYB equivalents and then looking for the names of intermediate CMY colours. I used the following equivalencies

  • CMY – RYB – (CMY colours mixed)
  • Magenta – Purple (blue – red)
  • Rose – Magenta (red – magenta)
  • Violet – Violet (magenta – blue)
  • Cyan – Teal (blue – green)
  • Azure – Turquoise (blue – cyan)
  • Spring green – Viridian (cyan – green)

The CMY colour will be more saturated than the RYB equivalent.

Citron is a tertiary colour, a combination of green and orange, which lands between yellow and chartreuse on the colour wheel. ( Likewise, russet (orange and RYB purple, or orange and CMY magenta), coincides with crimson, half-way between rose and red.

I couldn’t get the quaternary colours from blue to green from that page, so the suggestions above are just for completeness.

Source : Link , Question Author : helion3 , Answer Author : Gavin Smith

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