Literal versus indirect imagery

I have a client who is pushing the use of very literal imagery for her website: waving hands for success, a finishing line for the end of a process, and so on. We’re trying to make more use of indirect imagery, partly to support the brand but also to encourage deeper engagement. Is there any research available to show the relative merits of both approaches?


One good experiment is worth a thousand expert opinions.”
— Bill Nye, the science guy.

I agree, test it against an alternative.

Use the better of the two.

Probably, nothing published will relate to your situation, specifically, unless it is too glib or vague to be of any practical use.

If you don’t have enough time or money to test the concept in question, specifically, go with your client who is footing the bill and will get credit or lose credibility for the presentation in their name. It’s their responsibility unless you claim to be a content expert.

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