Looking for a font similar to Georgia, but without the numbers dipping as they do

Does anyone know a font that looks like Georgia, but where in the numbers are a consistent height and don’t drip down oddly as in Georgia?

Better yet, is there anywhere I can get a .ttf or a .otf where in the numbers are adjusted?

I can’t just manually adjust the font because I need it for font-face.


Taking a look at the Wikipedia entry for Georgia, they mention that it is influenced by Clarendon typefaces.

Here’s Georgia:


Here’s URW Clarendon:

URW Clarendon


Not knowing your exact purpose, you might also want to consider simply using numbers from a more commonly available similar font. Times New Roman, for example, isn’t too different, and mixing the numerals from Times with those of Georgia doesn’t look too bad.

Here’s an example:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Ferdia O’Brien , Answer Author : Ananda Mahto

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