Looking for a simple font that is similar to how people actually write characters

I’m looking for a free font that most closely represents glyphs as they are commonly drawn. For example, people draw a single story lower case a, while most sans-serif fonts (for good reasons) use a two-story a.

The context is for young children learning to read and practice drawing letters. I am not looking for a novelty font that looks like handwriting.

The specific characteristics I’m looking for are the following:

  • single store lower case a
  • lower case g has a hook instead of a bowl
  • lower case q has a hook instead of looking like a backwards p
  • none of the letters or numbers are overly ornate (e.g. Q doesn’t have some fancy tail)

The closest I’ve found so far is Sofia Pro, which meets most of these requirements except it’s lower case q does not have a hook.

(In general, I’m finding it hard to find any fonts with a hooked q–why is that?)


I think that hooked q may be the key…. it’s rare. So.. merely searching on that….

So, you may be best searching for a font with that unicode glyph. Not sure how diverse free fonts are when it comes to the more rare unicode items.

There are dozens of fonts which meet the other criteria you listed. I think it’s that hooked q that limits choices greatly.

Useful additional information from @PieBie: “Hooked lowercase Q is unicode U+024B, hexa &#x024B, decimal &#587 and UTF-8 C9 8B. It is part of Latin Extended-B.”

For the record I don’t think “people actually write” with a hooked q. I think children are taught to write with a hooked q, but as they age, that hook disappears quickly. I can’t ever recall seeing anyone over the age of 5-7 hook a q when writing. (That doesn’t mean it never happens, only that I’ve never seen it.)

Source : Link , Question Author : Scribblemacher , Answer Author : Scott

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