Looking for an iPad drawing app where you can do duplication

Looking for an iPad drawing app where you can make a simple doodle, duplicate it within the same canvas say 5 times, and make alternations to each copy of the doodle. Does anyone know an app that makes such a simple workflow possible?

I have so far tried without success in the following apps: Notability, Penultimate, Pencil, Apple Notes, Goodnotes, and Paper.


Some of the more “obscure” drawing apps offer this sort of feature. These do, and in personal order of preference // with commentary:

ibisPaint // Funky, dated UI hiding VERY good performance and features. Good use of pressure in Pencil, too.

MediBang Paint // Busy UI, but ENORMOUS feature list. Incredible Power, like a desktop app on an iPad.

Concepts // Odd UI, but highly performant, and vector scaling of lines, plus excellent manipulation of selections, and duplicates

Sketchbook (Pro) // Has a dated UI for iOS, was one of the earlier drawing apps, but does have some of the best pens/pencils, still.

Procreate // Most famous painting app on iOS by a MILE!… but you will have to duplicate layers to get the ability you want, not select objects and copy/paste style duplication.

Pixelmator // same as above, you’ll need to duplicate layers

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