Looking for membership style plugin with edit option [closed]

I have had a search but not found what I’m looking for so far.

I am looking for a plugin which will provide a functionality on a site for the following:

  • Use wants to sign up to my site, goes through a registration process
  • Logs on to a user portal where they can add/edit/remove their own posts
  • Offer free and paid memberships

I have looked at membership plugins but none seem to satisfy my need for the user to add/edit/remove their own posts and for their portal to NOT look like WordPress but more a “white label” solution if you will. I am not looking to offer premium content, I am looking to provide a place where people can place their own items in a listing style website.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



Check out the listings theme by Woothemes and there woocommerce solution offers subscriptions. These would provide the functionality you’re after.

Source : Link , Question Author : gdude , Answer Author : Simon Forster

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