Looking for old Open Type font

I have to recreate this logo, and I have exhausted my considerable font finding resources. Judging by the OTF swashes and accents, the design looks very 80’s / 90’s or so to me. Possibly even 70’s.

It’s really bugging me because that curly on the S at the end looks familiar. I just can NOT find it, and I have a few weeks to get this done, so I thought I’d post up here and see if anyone recognizes it before I go through the fun of a manual clean up.

This scan is from a fiber stock thermography business card, so I’m guessing the original logo is much more crisp, with sharp corners rather than rounded, but that’s just a guess. There’s also a good chance that the original font had a stroke added to give it an artificial black letter look.

Unique Productions

Here are a few letters that I already isolated for searching if it helps.

Isolated Letters

Here’s a better scan:

UP Logo


This is the closest I’ve found, and I’m conceding defeat. ah well.
thank you for all the help!


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