Looking for some simple sans serif book ornaments

We are making the first-ever full size book for a minority language in West Africa. I want this not just OK, but a really nice and well done “real” book. I even found a budget for quality binding. So we have page numbers, an index, an introduction, drop caps, the main story of course with many illustrations and captions, we are presenting the author and the illustrator and we are having a glossary.

The book is typeset in the visually simple and tidy Andika font, as this language is just emerging into written form, so by definition all our readers are beginners. http://software.sil.org/andika/

quick readers, here is the request

Now to help the readers to orient in the book, I want to insert something like those centered book ornaments, to say visually: “This part of the book ends here.” I am looking for book ornaments which will go naturally with a clear sans serif font (although I guess there are not many out there). Timewise and for practical reasons, I would prefer to use font-based ornaments, but independent vectors are possible in our DTP tool.

end of main request, more context below

I tried googling for what I need, but this is one “where words fail me”. I found a single sans font which is tagged for “flourishes” but those flourishes are all on letters (characters), and there are no free ornaments, like there are in famous Windings.

These ones do not fit a sans font in my mind, but they are the basis for my searching:

example ornaments

Please do not write that what I want is wrong. I want to find five different but belonging-together ornaments and try them in a draft print-out. Of course I am also using generous white space, to separate each part of the book. I just want to introduce some of the classical elements of printed books and see how it will be received. If you do not have an answer appart from “I do not like it”, then please do not answer. If you have other ideas how to visually divide a book – then I would be interested. Our illustrations were commercially obtained, so I cannot custom-order more for this purpose; since the artist is no longer alive.

Update: I just went ahead and purchased the LiebeOrnament, because its non-changing line-weight and simple style harmonizes very nicely with our Andika font. 20 dollars was a fair price – I consider it a penalty and “learning fee” for not having started this research earlier. Even through this posting and two answers/comments I have been inspired to make our own ornaments/flourishes/swashes for the next book project or whenever I have to structure text in a “non-academic” friendly way. Thanks to you all. Solved.


If you can budget 20-30$ for a font, go to myfonts.com and search ‘ornaments’. There will be many results and you can pick what looks best.

Some good options are the Flourishes & Ornaments or Liebe Ornaments fonts previewed below.

enter image description here
enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Martin Zaske , Answer Author : Lucian

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