Looking to identify the font used for the River Road Ice House logo

I need to identify the font in the logo below.

I read the meta post on font identification questions, and tried several of the recommended online identifiers.

What The Font gave me 5 choices, but none were correct. (For future reference, what am I supposed to enter on What The Font when it highlights multiple characters? For example, it highlighted the RIVE all in one image, but would only allow me to enter one character, so I left it blank.)

Identifont suggested ITC Mona Lisa, which is incorrect, but I can hardly blame it… I had to say “not sure” to almost everything, because I don’t have a large letter sample (or any lowercase letters). The serif font identification guide gave me a lot of incorrect results, for the same reason.

So I’ve definitely done my due diligence… Help please? 🙂

enter image description here


I am almost positive the font is Mesquite Std with some text effects probably done in Illustrator.

See example:

font example for Mesquite Std

Source : Link , Question Author : WendiKidd , Answer Author : AndrewH

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