Lost iPhone pictures after uploaded to iPhoto

My iPhone was running out of space and I noticed I had over 1000 photos. Like usual I upload them to my computer using Image Capture then at the bottom I click “delete pictures after” so they aren’t on my phone anymore.

They uploaded perfectly fine to Image Capture, but when I clicked on “transfer to iPhoto” I got a message saying the disk was full and now I can’t find the picture files.


OK, I had a look around and this discussion might help you. Read all the posts for context but the important one is the last post by Old Toad, he is something of an iPhoto expert on the Apple forums. He says this:

I don’t use IC for my imports but have one possible idea: While in the Finder use the Go->Go to Folder menu and enter “/volumes”. See if there is anything in that folder other than alias to the various volumes you work with on a regular basis.

If you know the name of any of the files that are missing download and use Find Any File to search for it. FAF will search areas that Spotlight can’t.”

Source : Link , Question Author : user46015 , Answer Author : Community

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