Low Poly Problem in Illustrator – White Lines Around Shapes [duplicate]

I made this Low poly image (zoomed in version of just the eye). I followed all of the steps and I couldn’t have done anything wrong:


If you look closely, you can see these white lines between every shape

When you zoom out, the whole image looks like that; full of white lines and very unprofessional.

What I can do is change the stroke of every single object to its fill color, but that’d take me hours (I have about a couple thousand shapes in this image alone).

Is there a way to select all of the objects on a layer in and choose “Make Stroke color same as Fill color” or something of the sort?

This is what I want the finished product to look like (note: there are no more white lines):


I achieved this look by leaving the tracing image in the background so that it sort of fills in the white lines


I found another similar post here on Stack Exchange which pretty much solves the problem…

“Set stroke color of multiple objects as respective fill colors”.

-You can sort of do this in Illustrator by expanding the paths themselves, instead of using a stroke.

  1. Select all objects and set their strokes to none
  2. Use the menu command Object → Path → Offset Path…
  3. Use the Offset amount to increase the width of your shape while retaining the fill color

For more information watch: http://youtu.be/lS1HDKRGVe0

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