Mac app to compare processed image before/after?

I often use ImageOptim and ImageAlpha to optimize images. ImageAlpha has a really nice feature because it lets you compare optimized image to the original one before saving it. Is there a software that does exclusively this (comparing two images) in a convenient way?


Not in any specific order.

  1. Kaleidoscope$70 ( Mac )
  2. PixCompare$4 ( Mac )
  3. Pixel Diff$2 ( Mac )
  4. ImageDiff$2 ( Mac )
  5. Araxis Merge$150 give or take ( Mac and Windows )
  6. Image Comparer$35 ( Windows )
  7. Image Diff ToolFree ( Mac, Windows, Linux )
  8. Beyond Compare$30 (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  9. Resemble.js Free ( Web application )
    • I was thinking that if you wanted to, you could pretty easily extend the functionality of this with a comparison jquery plugin or something, to extend what it can do, like this for instance.

Source : Link , Question Author : Carlo , Answer Author : Joonas

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