Mac Mini won’t start

I got a 2007 Mac Mini off eBay a year ago. Now it won’t start. It will show the Apple logo and then when it gets to the blue screen where it would normally show the desktop, the DVI cuts out.

I have taken it apart before, I upgraded the RAM. The back ribbon cable is unplugged which may be the sound. It does start occasionally and when it does I have no sound. The front black plug is also unplugged, which seems to be fan control as it’s loud when it’s unplugged. (The front black plug wire is broken.)

Any ideas on what to do?

Note: it gets to the blue screen and then the dvi connection drops.


This turned out to be the DVI-cable. For some reason, the DVI-cable works better with my PC than the Mac. I plugged it in via VGA and it works.

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