Make a particular colour less bright

I’m trying to create a reference image for a greyscale drawing. In the original reference photo, the subject is wearing a brown jacket and grey pants which have pretty much the same brightness, and look the same (and rather dull) when I go to black and white.

I want to make the jacket darker when I go black and white. The jacket is the only red/brown coloured object in the photo, so I thought I could do some sort of level adjustment to make the brown jacket darker before going black and white. But I’m not so sure how to do this.

I’m using GIMP. I don’t have access to photoshop.

Here is the problem:


Very different colours

Black and White

This difference is lost on going to black and white


I don’t know how gimp work, but talking about the concept. The two color seems to have the same average gray so when you convert it to grayscale it doesn’t make any difference. all you need to do is some color equalizing before conversion.

try to work on the colored version first, by equalizing the color and raise the blue a little this will ensure raising the black over the jacket more that the pant.

this is the result I reached by using the “Blue High-Contract”

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : fhyve , Answer Author : hsawires

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