make an image wider without scaling the actual image

I have an layer that is rectangular, and I want to make it a square without resizing the image itself or any of the other layers. How do I do this?


I am assuming, which may not be correct, that you do not care what shows up in the area that you need to add above and below (or right and left) of the short edge.

  1. Double-click on the background layer if there is one
  2. Go to “Image/Canvas Size”
  3. Take the long edge dimension and make the short edge dimension to be the same
  4. Click on the Center block in the Anchor setting below the dimensions if not clicked
  5. Click OK

This will give you a square image with strips added to the short edge. If you like, you can add a layer below the original and fill it with anything you like.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vivek Baskaran , Answer Author : Community

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