Make Illustrator use the embedded result images

I have been tasked with updating a poster that the client used last year.
Should be fairly simple, just edit the file, change the date and shrink it from A2 to A3.
But I only have the pdf that was sent to print to work with.
This pdf has embedded images. They show up fine when viewed with a normal pdf viewer, but Illustrator insists on using the linked files, which I dont have access to.

How can I make illustrator use the result of the linked images from the pdf, rather than trying to use the original files and applying the transformations to them?

Illustrator from CS6 btw.


You can extract the images with Adobe Acrobat.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a PDF opened in Illustrator request image links. PDFs embed images by default.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mathias Nielsen , Answer Author : Scott

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