Make InDesign not re-hyphenate an already hyphenated word

On a publication that I work on I run into a problem where hyphenated words are hyphenated again at the end of a line. (Here’s an example: self-sufficent would end up self-suffi-cent) Is there a way to change the hyphenation settings so that this will not happen?


You need discretionary hyphens. If you want to make sure that word is always hyphenated at that point, then you can create a custom dictionary list.

Just to clarify, discretionary hyphens are normally used to insert a “discretionary” hyphen—i.e. one that is only rendered when InDesign’s paragraph composer decides to hyphenate the word. However, the discretionary hyphen also forces InDesign to only hyphenate the word at that point.

So if you type “self-sufficient” and then insert a discretionary hyphen after the “-” then that forces InDesign to hyphenate only between the “self-” and “sufficient” and nowhere else, effectively preventing the double-hyphenation of a hyphenated word.

Source : Link , Question Author : Darryl , Answer Author : Lèse majesté

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