Make two vector points move together (Sketch or Illustrator)

I’m trying to speed up my workflow by making vector points move in the opposite direction simultaneously when I have two highlighted. For instance, below I highlight the top and bottom of the arrow so they will move at the same time, except I want the bottom point to come up when I’m moving the top point down. Right now, they just move up together or down together. So if point 1 is at Y:20 and point 2 is at Y:10, I want them both to go to Y:15 if I move point 1 down 5 pixels.

enter image description here

What it currently does

enter image description here

What I want it to do

enter image description here


If the move is symmetrical.

  1. Select both points
  2. Menu > Object > Transform > Scale
  3. Check the
    preview box in the bottom of the new window and adjust from there.

You could also use guidelines, the grid Ctl or Cmd (‘) or simply using the arrow keys.

Source : Link , Question Author : evan , Answer Author : Javi

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