Make words-art in Inkscape — How can I cut the words out of a shape?

I want to create a word-cloud or you call a tag-cloud, but I have a problem cutting the words out of the shape that I want. Anyway, here’s the demo word-cloud:

enter image description here

I want the yellow “DEMO” text to overlap the heart shape, and disappear when it goes out of the shape. Also, I want to keep the color of both the heart and the text. Is there any way to do that?


  1. Convert text to path using Path-object to path
  2. Ungroup text objects
  3. Use path-combine on selected objects.
  4. Duplicate the underlying object (the heart shape in your case)
  5. Use path-division and delete the text which is outside the underlying shape as shown.


Source : Link , Question Author : Samm , Answer Author : chanduc

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