Making a circle to intersect with other path(s) in Illustrator

I want to do this

enter image description here

But when I zoomed in I got this

enter image description here

This is problematic because I need to cutout some of intersecting are using shape builder tool. Some intersection is not cut while other leaks.

enter image description here

I am going to intersect tons of circles because I am making a golden ration(ed) logo, instead of tracing it down.
If I don’t fix this kinds of thing ASAP I get this

enter image description here

Now I had to redo everything after I am waiting for answer.


Disable Allign to Pixel Grid from Transform Menu


enter image description here

Apparently, this do not work too. If I zoom in deeper it is still misaligned.

enter image description hereenter image description here

WHAT I WANT IS MAKING A CIRCLE WITH THE CENTER (A) and INTERSECT POINT (B) [CTRL+CLICK at A DRAG to B and have it intersect B automatically] without adjusting it afterwards because I will then have to move the center (A) slightly to the left which I something I do not want.

enter image description here


There is a trick to accurate circles

If you want accurate circles, then do not draw them with by dragging the ellipse tool. It is not a circle tool (you can get one here). Using ellipse tool like this would be way too inaccurate. Instead what you do is you draw a line that represents your radius. Then measure your line and alt click on the point you want the center to be at and TYPE in the radius.

enter image description here

Image 1: When you alt click you get a dialog to type the accurate radius you measured with the line tool

This is way more accurate, and it is even more accurate in illustrator CC (since you can get more digits on the line)

enter image description here

Image 2: If you want accurate circle intersections TYPE the radius from meaurement

If you want to find intersections between other things, same thing applies except that you need to use smart guides on your circle.

Since this can get boring to do over time Ive written a script that will draw a circle if you draw the radius line (since i can not always install subscribe):

var sel = app.activeDocument.selection;
for(i=0; i<sel.length;i++){
   var pts = sel[i].pathPoints;
   var radius = Math.sqrt(
          Math.pow(pts[1].anchor[0]-pts[0].anchor[0], 2)+
          Math.pow(pts[1].anchor[1]-pts[0].anchor[1], 2)
        radius*2, radius*2);

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