Making anchor points visible all the time

Now I am working on compound paths and I need to remove all the redundant anchor points: so I press - and click some of them, but other ones are constantly disappearing, so I should click on V and click the path and - again, which is very disturbing.

Is there any way to make ALL the anchor points visible ALL the times? I don’t speak about Cmd+H of course.


Compound paths are different. Since you can only delete a single point on one path at a time with the Delete Anchor Tool, you have to work on one path at a time. You can’t work on one path and keep other paths selected/highlighted.

If you want to delete anchors on multiple paths, simply select the anchors with the Direct Selection Tool (the white arrow). You can Shift+CLICK to select anchors anywhere, even on multiple paths, and then click the Delete Anchor button on the control panel:

delete anchors

Source : Link , Question Author : Ilan , Answer Author : Scott

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