Making changes to a page that I own, but was made by someone else

When a web designer makes a website, they usually put a small writing at the bottom. It usually says something like “Made by Joe Whatever”. Let’s say I paid Joe for the website design he made.

Now, can I make changes to that website? I mean, Joe signed himself on that page and if I change something and that change drastically reduces the quality of the website, Joe would take the blame.


First off, it sounds like you probably didn’t have a written contract.

Based on that assumption, I further speculate that you probably had a verbal agreement.

Now, if the agreement was specifically “give me a reduced rate and you can put your name on the website”, then no you should run any changes past him, and work out a different agreement if he doesn’t want his name on it after your changes.

If the verbal agreement was simply “make me a website for £X amount” then change whatever you like, and as a courtesy notify him of the changes and offer to remove his name if he is unhappy with the changes.

I think though, that in the second scenario you have no obligation to notify him of the changes or remove his name.

However, if there is a written agreement it should be in there.

Personally, I’d remove the name if allowed as it likely adds nothing to the purpose of the website.

Source : Link , Question Author : 3nuc , Answer Author : Dom

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