Making handles oppose in Inkscape

Is there an easy way to make one handle of a node oppose the other one, in Inkscape?

For example, let us say that I have one handle that is currently at 268.31°. That needs to stay constant, but I want to make the opposite handle directly opposite it: at 88.31°. I could sit there and try to mouse the thing into the proper location, but that gets tedious fast. And snapping doesn’t seem to work, because it snaps into preset locations based off of 0°. Any thoughts?


Ctrl-click the node or use the ‘Make selected nodes smooth’ button in the toolbar. Smooth nodes always have their handles opposite to each other.

I don’t think you can turn a node into a smooth node without it adjusting both handles, so you might have to fix the angle of them afterwards.

Source : Link , Question Author : Adam Smith , Answer Author : Xrott

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