Making living room scenes with rugs

I want to showcase my rugs for customers on my website and looking for a tool to create a scene like this:

enter image description here

I can’t do photography in real room or studio and I was told that there might be an app to make these kinds of decorations.


Sure, it can be done in Photoshop.

Find a nice image on a stock photography site of a room with tables and chairs, preferably on a plain wooden floor – obviously one without a rug! Pay for a licence to use the image so you won’t be sued.

Something like this perhaps

enter image description here

Then with the Pen Tool, make a vector clipping mask around the table and chair legs. Apply the vector mask to a copy of the image layer.

Paste an image of a rug under the masked layer, turn it into a Smart Object. Use Edit > Transform > Distort and move the corners to match the perspective of the room.

Tah dah!

Example edit

If you double click the Smart Object to edit it, you can just paste in another rug, resize it as required, quit and save the Smart Object, and you’ll have a new carpet on the floor.

Editing the Smart Object

And here’s the result when you save and close the Smart Object – a new rug!

Example of another carpet on the floor

Source : Link , Question Author : silvercover , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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