Mapping a 2d image to a pseudo 3d

Hi I am unsure what to call this technique that Live2D uses and I wanted get some more information about it.

Here’s a video:

You can see how they add the 2D textures then they can give it a pseudo 3d effect like turning the head and having the face and stuff move somewhat realistically.

What’s this technique called?


It is a specific aplication: Too bad it is not in english.

It is a program to make animations, like you can see in the keyframe editor on the bottom.

The principle is a parallax effect. It is somehow common in website design theese days. In a website you can make it interactive. On that program looks optimised for animation.

It also has some morphing controls.

I am wondering if that can be done in a real3D aplication like blender using inverse kinematics… Yea… I have homework to do…

Updated: Yea its pártially in english and it has a free version.

Source : Link , Question Author : mr oh , Answer Author : Rafael

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