mass animate shape layers like the attached .gif

enter image description hereI want to animate each shape layer like the two on the attached gif image. To do this manually will take forever. I have tried an animation preset but it saves the position meaning they all animate but at the same start point and end up at the same end point.

enter image description here


If I’m understanding what you did and where you’re stuck then think this is what you should do. This isn’t exactly how I’d have approached it from the start but think based on where you’re already at should work for you.

  1. Apply the preset at the very start of all layers that need to have the animation
  2. With all layers still selected tap U so it shows the animation duration in the Timeline
  3. Move the Time Indicator to the end of the Preset Animation
  4. Temporarily trim all of your animations using Alt+] (think its same on Mac but not positive)
  5. Then go to Animation > Keyframe Assistant > Sequence Layers
  6. Extend back out each layer so they stay visible after appearing.

Source : Link , Question Author : Gavin Norris , Answer Author : Ryan

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