Mass-remove Bezier Curves in Illustrator

Is there a way in Adobe Illustrator to delete all the Bezier curve handles at once from a path?

I created a pattern brush which consists just of a geometric path (without any bezier curve, just straight lines). After I used that pattern brush on a circle, Illustrator created bezier curves to fit the pattern around the circle. I would like to get rid just of the bezier handles all at once, so it leaves me with the path around the circle with just straight lines again.

I can and will of course do it by hand, but I wonder if there is a way to automate that “clean up” process and get rid of all of them at once?


  • Select all points with the Direct Selection Tool, the white pointer

enter image description here

  • Menu Object > Path > Simplify

enter image description here

To remove handles:

  • Select the half of the points making a frame with the Direct Selection Tool
  • On the top options, click first the Convert selected anchor points to smooth button, the green arrow on the image.
  • On the top options, click the Convert selected anchor points to corner button, the red arrow on the image.

enter image description here

  • Do the same with the other half

Source : Link , Question Author : The_Higgs_Boson , Answer Author : Community

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