Master pages and applying adjustments to photo place holder frames in InDesign

I am working on a photobook right now in ID 2021 with the same size place holder frame and margins applied to all pages.

I want to increase my margin and the size of the photo frame and apply it to all. Is this possible?

I have a photo frame on the master page so I know where to place the images. I have all my photos laid out in the pages, but now I want to move them in 1/2″ and possibly increase the size of the frame.

Can that be applied AFTER via Master Pages to all the photos after they’ve been laid out and linked? Apparently it won’t let me move the frame on the master page and apply it to pages without losing the images.

The margin increase I can see, but if I move the placeholder frame on the master page, it doesn’t seem to affect the pages it’s been applied to.


Actually it should be possible to move and resize a frame on a master page and thereby automatically apply the change to all pages using that master.

But it only works if you haven’t scaled or moved the images on the individual pages!

I’m not aware of a way to make a frame follow the master page again once it has lost the connection.

There is another way you can gain control of the position of the images. By using an Object Style.

  • Select the frame on the master page.

  • In the Object Styles panel, click the Create new style button.

  • Click the new object style to apply it to the frame on the master page.

  • Enter the settings of the object style. Under Size and Position Options, set Size > Adjust to Height & Width and set Position > Adjust to X & Y.

Now the images on all pages should get their size and position from the object style.

This means that if you move or scale any of the images with that object style (on a master page or an ordinary page), the object style will have overrides (a + by its name). If you then right-click the style and choose Redefine Style all images with that object style will move and scale accordingly.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tamara McDonald , Answer Author : Wolff

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