Matte Painting – What Is “Paint Over”?

I came across a job add that really interested me, but could never figure out how to name it along matte painting tutorials.

They wanted a 2D artist that works in Photoshop (and this job is done in PS), who “paints” 2D over 3D model (it was a scene – matte painting).

Could anyone clarify this for me? What is it called, exactly? I would like to learn the process, so any suggestions would be welcome.


It means what it says. You paint over something. In matte painting this often means grabbing a photo that is close to what you want for your background, then you paint over it to make it more awesome, like adding fog or lens flare or trees or whatever you want.

In the world of 3D modelling, paintovers are part of pre-production usually, where if you cant draw very well but you’re good at modelling, you make the basic 3D model, then fill out the details quickly by painting over-top.

You may paint over something quickly in 2D because the 3D process is much more time consuming. orrrr you may paint over the final result of your 3D render because rendering such a thing as an afterthought would be wayyyyy too time-consuming.

Source : Link , Question Author : Olivera Kovacevic , Answer Author : Regan Music

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