Menu to switch between specific files in illustrator cc (OSX), akin to the “window menu” in a browser or MS office

I often have many (many) files open at once to compose infographics from multiple source materials. I know how to toggle using cmd+~, but want a menu of the open files to avoid toggling through so many. I know better than to expect convenience in illustrator (sigh), but perhaps there’s some feature I am overlooking?

For clarity, screenshot of the desired illustrator feature (as done in a browser) is in the bottom right of the image below but similar feature is in MS office, others in the “window” menu. The window menu in illustrator offers no such functionality.

Window menu on a browser offers a list of open files


Illustrator lists open documents at the bottom of the Windows Menu

Window > (Document Name) all the way at the bottom….

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Julie McMurry , Answer Author : Scott

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