Merging 3 different-Not Crossing Shapes into 1 Path

I want to merge 3 letters into 1 path. Their paths simply don’t touch or cross each other. So basically it means I have 3 different positioned shapes I need to merge.

Is it possible?

This is the shapes.

And the reason is, I will insert lines inside of them with a clipping mask. Since there are 3 separate shapes, I have to deal them 1 by 1. This is why I am trying to merge all these 3 letters into 1 path. For easy clip masking

But instead of this, Expanding via Object Menu, Merge and Unite via Pathfinder only converts these 3 path into a Group.

Here’s an example for what I’m trying to do:
enter image description here


  1. Select all of your shapes;
  2. Select Object > Compound Path > Make;
  3. Use the resulting path as a clipping mask.

Make sure that any compounded letter shapes are compound paths as well before trying to integrate them into the bigger path. That is, letter shapes alike a, e, b, d ,e etc. which have counters and i and j which have loose elements (the dot in case of the i and j).

Source : Link , Question Author : Grego , Answer Author : Vincent

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