Merging colors in Illustrator

I have this color wheel I made that I want to use to pick colors from. The concentric circles inside are made with an increasingly transparent white. My issue is that if I use the eyedropper on it, it samples the transparent white instead of the overall color. I would prefer not to resort to rasterizing the image. Is there a way I can merge the white transparency with the color under to have a converted color?

enter image description here


This can easily be achieved by Flattening Transparency.

  1. You can select all (Ctrl/Command+A)

  2. Go to Object > Flatten Transparency (I would select the highest quality for Vectors 100%)

  3. Then ungroup all the items (Ctrl/Command+Shift+G)

This will make all the paths as the color that they appear, without transparency etc.

Note that if the transparent white circles are a gradient, that may create many many shapes – you may want to use one solid color.

Source : Link , Question Author : curious , Answer Author : WELZ

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