Method for batch layout of images into PDF sheets

I have 100,000 identically-sized, but unique, PNG/JPG images which I want to automatically layout onto A4 sheets which can then be exported as print-ready PDFs.

So assuming I can fit 8 of these images per page in a 4×2 grid, I’m looking to input my 100,000 images and output 12,500 PDFs.

I’m a programmer so I could probably write a script to do this myself (e.g. PHP/Python), but I was wondering whether there are any tools/scripts/software that already exists that can do this automatically.


InDesign has a script for exactly that.

Open the scripts panel and find ImageCatalog.jsx. It will let you choose a source directory and will auto import all the images based on your settings.

Source : Link , Question Author : jon , Answer Author : John

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