Mirroring an arbitrary vector for symmetry in Sketch

I’m trying to convert a raster logo to vector using Sketch. I’ve traced out part of the logo with an open vector, but only one-half of it. Now I want to mirror (flip horizontally) a copy of that open path, and join the two points. Here’s the left half:

enter image description here

I copy and paste that, then flip the copy horizontally (I wish there was a mirror-across-axis feature). Then I drag it horizontally (with shift held down) until the left edge of the copy snaps to the right edge of the original. When this is done, the copy is 1/3 of a pixel lower than the original.

enter image description here

I can’t figure out another way to accomplish this. Any suggestions? Thanks!


It seems the solution for your problem is in this answer:

Go to sketch > preferences (on a mac press CMD + ,), and under the first tab (General), uncheck the first box (says “Pixel fitting: Fit layers and points to pixel bounds”).

This will allow your objects to align properly when mirroring.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rick , Answer Author : Luciano

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