Mobile First and RWD workflow and how to interact with client

Our agency’s workflow for creating a website normally consists of:

  1. discuss content-design with client
  2. we create wireframes (with optional, depending on client, approval)
  3. we create one or more pixel perfect “layouts” in illustrator / photoshop
  4. client approves with corrections
  5. return to step 3
  6. begin coding.

Now, since we are slowly approaching the year 2010, and we’re pondering about RWD (“Responsive Web Design”) and “mobile first”, it’s clear that our workflow wouldn’t work without adding a ton of costs for the client (considering the technical CSS overhead isn’t THAT large).

What is the best workflow which works with RWD and mobile first? Also, are there any specific tools that may help?


The hang up is steps 3-4. They have to be taken out and the approval/review process done AFTER coding starts.

Look into Agile Development and Lean UX:

Source : Link , Question Author : Roman , Answer Author : DA01

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